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RAP Pop Tops is a small to medium company now in its 4th year producing front elevating roofs for VW camper vans. The roofs are characterised by their excellent build quality and available in SWB T5/6 and LWB T5/6 versions.

Pop top roof

The Roof Cap

The roof cap is made of fibreglass in a layered format made with heat resistant resin, with a double gel coat finish. All caps come in black or white and can be coloured coded to your van’s specific shade. All metal fixings are bonded in the skin of the cap – no exposed metal work is visible. We have added a plastic honeycomb strengthening panel in the underside of the cap measuring over 2m long and 600mm wide, this will prevent heat distortion in extreme temperatures. The caps are prescribed to the roof shape for easy fitting purposes.

The Tent

For the tent; we have a range of 12 different shades, grey and black are standard. The tent is made of a strong durable material called Rivertex with a large window in the front and a zip-over cover, as are the side vents. The rear of the tent has a elastic seam to aid the tent fold when closing. UV rated – the sun won’t fade the colour and the window won’t turn yellow with age. The tent is changeable as new ideas ‘pop up’, at the moment we are on mark 3 this has extra elastic to help pull the tent in.

All other components – STAINLESS STEEL HINGES, fastening straps, large 20mm rubber roof seal and handles are all made in the UK. The metal strengthening frames are all made in Shropshire and are powder coated before they are fitted.

We do not mass produce, we can only work on 15 roofs at a time on a rotation basis, at the moment this works for us and as we are fortunate enough to have lower overheads than most roof companies so we can make a quality roof at a very competitive price. There are a lot of very good elevating roofs on the market today, as we go to various camper van shows in the country we see them all . We are not the cheapest and never will be, buying quality parts costs money so we like to work with a good product reasonably priced.